Balance and Agility

Balance and Agility
Photo by Wren Meinberg / Unsplash

When was the last time you tested your balance? Go ahead....give it a try. Stand near a wall or chair, something to stabilize you if needed, and lift your left foot off the ground, place it behind or resting on the right calf and count to 10. How did you do? Try the other side.

As we age, we don't seem to find time (unless we do) to practice our balance. On top of that, I would practice my balancing abilities in a yoga studio setting that felt a bit stressful and artificial in the balancing moment. But then I found Franklin Method® and the act of balancing is intuitive, less artificial and a lot more fun. I mean, when was the last time you tried to balance on two air-filled rubber balls? The training has greatly improved my anatomy knowledge and embodiment, and I have the ability to feel when my body is in alignment, thus creating an ease in the balance. More importantly, I can feel when the body is out of alignment, and have the tools to quickly remedy the situation.

If you want to improve your balance, you need to be aware of your posture and when you are out of alignment. The Franklin Method® has a myriad stress reducing techniques which allows balance to become easier, versus having a lot of unnecessary tension, which really hinders my balance and my agility. And what about agility? When someone is agile, they can quickly shift their balance from foot to foot. If they experience a moment of instability, they can quickly regain the balance.

Understanding, embodying and practicing body mechanics on top of reducing stress and tension really enhance your ability to be agile, nimble, flexible and balanced! If you would like to practice your balance and agility, I teach hour-long classes on Zoom. You can sign up at

If you are in Portland, OR, I am teaching a free Balance and Agility class at Mt. Scott Park every Wednesday 10-10:45 a.m through Portland Parks and Recreation. There are free classes at various Portland Parks all through the end of August. To find a free class near you, go to: