Change Your Mind...

Change Your Mind...
Bece, a woman, with long reddish hair, eyes closed, focusing on feeling in the body.

When it comes to improving movement performance, the quickest system of the body available to change is the mind. Begin to notice your thoughts. Emotions and thoughts greatly influence your flexibility, which impacts movement. Go ahead and try it out. Make a mad face, clench the jaw, and try to do a squat or chair pose. Stand up. Now smile, relax the jaw, maybe hold the mouth open a little or place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Perform the same squat or chair pose. Did you notice improved flexibility and movement accessibility with the smile and relaxed jaw? The state of your mind influenced your performance.

Next, think or say out loud – my hip joints are very flexible. They love to move. They move well. Perform the squat or chair pose. Stand up and change your mind. Now think or say out loud – my hip joints are inflexible. They don't like to move. They feel creaky and old. Perform the squat or chair pose. Notice a difference? The movement performance was influenced by the words even if you didn't believe them.

These mental tools are the cornerstone of the Franklin Method®. They are very powerful as you just witnessed. Start your movement practice by closing the eyes (or keep them open) and focus your mind on your body. Notice any feeling and/or sensations. Notice your baseline, where you are starting from. And as you begin your movement practice, pay keen attention to the thoughts and emotions running through the mind. Have fun with your movement. Notice the improvement, and celebrate it! Now go out and play 😄

"If you want to change your body, first change your mind." Eric Franklin