Setting Springtime Goals

Waking up the foot's spring!

Setting Springtime Goals
Winne the mini Australian shepherd enjoying some spring sunshine below a pot of narcissus

Spring is a time of reawakening. I am an avid gardener and am keenly aware of the subtlest changes in the garden. The bulbs begin to flower. I can see perennial plants begin to tentatively push through the soil as the days get longer and the temperature warms up.

During this time of change, I like to set some spring/summer goals for how I want to move by body. I have a Franklin Method® morning routine that I adore, but as the weather gets warm, the garden beckons earlier and earlier in the morning and I completely forget to warm up my body first before plunging into some shoveling, heavy lifting or forward folding to pluck some weeds. This can lead to some less than ideal feelings in my body later on in the day or even a day or two later.

Thus I have set the intention to be diligent in warming up the body beforehand. But if I simply cannot spare 20 minutes for my morning routine, the simplest thing I can do to enhance my posture, and get the circulation flowing for the day is to activate the foot pump while brushing my teeth.

What is that? The foot pump is located at the bottom of the foot. It sends the venous blood and lymph fluid up to the heart. If you happen to be a seasoned Franklin Method® ball balancer (you know what I am talking about if you are), then you can balance on two Franklin Method® balls while brushing your teeth. Balancing on a spherical surface is the quickest way to reset your posture, and I assume you are brushing your teeth every morning, so why not combine the two tasks?

If you need a little more practice with balancing on balls while brushing your teeth, no problem, you can use a towel instead. Place the rolled up towel on the floor lengthwise so that you can walk in place on top of it. This activates the foot pump, which also happens to be where your kidney meridian is located, so your kidneys get a little energy boost as well. Win-win.

Take some time to this spring to contemplate your daily habits for the coming season, and set yourself some doable movement goals before the high-energy summer season arrives. Your body will thank you!

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